Friday, 6 July 2012


Although my shop is in Bridge of Allan, I live in Glasgow on the southside of the city. The commute isn't too bad and I can pop in to the flower market in the morning and select the flowers for sale that day. It does however mean I have to get up pretty early.

I have always loved old stuff and am a bit of a horder. I have boxes full of newspaper and magazine cuttings, postcards and sketchbooks. Even when I go through them often years later I can still see what attracted me to them and they have to stay. They all help to inspire me.

Here are some images from my home.

I love white ceramics and can never resist buying them at car boot sales, charity shops or auctions. I sometimes use items from my own collection in the weddings I work on. 

These curtains belonged to my grandparents and were hung in the summer months in their house in Maud, Aberdeenshire. I'm not sure how old that makes them but I really like the colour and pattern.

They put up dark red velvet curtains in the winter and I used these in my flat when I was a student. They certainly helped to keep out the cold.
What a wonderful idea it is to have summer and winter curtains. You would never get tired of them.

I live with decorative cornicing both in the shop and at home. In the shop it is far more elaborate even though it's in a smaller space. I do love it although it is very tricky to paint.

I've collected quite a lot of paintings since I was a student. This painting is in the bathroom and was bought very cheaply.

I have treasured pieces of work my great aunt created when she was at Gray's School of Art in the 1920s. In the 1990s I went to the same art school and swapped pieces of work with some of my fellow students. I have bought at auction, second hand shops and degree shows since then. A few also travelled down on the train with me when I moved to London for work after I graduated.

It wouldn't be home without them.

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