Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Favourite flower books

I have collected old flower books for years. Through the shop I have sold many of them but here are a few I keep on my book shelves.

Flowers Shown To The Children
This first one is part of a series and there are a couple of the bird volumes in the shop.

The illustrations are beautiful but in my copy there are a few carefully pressed examples of the flowers tucked into the pages. I love this connection to the previous owner of the book.

Flower-Growing For Shows
This book I love purely for the cover. Anyone who has been involved in country flower shows will understand how perfect this image is.

A Book Of Common Flowers
Again the cover of this book is lovely.

and the illustrations inside.

A Book Of Wild Flowers
This is a wonderful book which my mum bought for me many years ago. 

A few of pages inside.

How To Draw Flowers

Finally for this blog the beautiful Tulipomania with the wonderful title.

Here is the book plate. I should add I bought it from a shop!

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  1. These are wonderful. I especially love the 'Flower-growing for shows' title - what a great cover!

    I also have a collection of old flower books. My favourite is Constance Spry's 'How to do the Flowers' - it's an absolute classic.