Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A wedding in the sunshine

Last weekend there was sunshine! The perfect day for a wedding to take place on a farm.

The flowers to be natural with pinks, yellows and green.

Work in progress.

One of two pedestal arrangements for the church.

Table arrangements are tied bouquets in large jam jars all boxed up ready for transporting.

Bouquet for the bride. Roses, veronica, phlox, antirrhinum, tanacetum, craspedia, marguerite and bupleurum.

The bridesmaid bouquets with slightly different selection to the bridal bouquet.

One of the pedestal arrangements in the church.

The a barn!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Moss interior

Just a few images from the shop.

Some of the objects are sourced for specific weddings or events and are available for sale afterwards. It means there can be some interesting things in store.

Next time the other

Friday, 13 July 2012

Taxidermy for the slightly squeamish

I quite like taxidermy but don't own any because I think I would feel a little bit sad for the fur or feathered creature. I have an alternative in the shop at the moment.

He's called Eddie.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

New finds at Moss

When I first opened the shop it was difficult to part with the objects I found. You see I love them all and would very happily keep them but that would make having a shop a little pointless!

Over the years I have become more used to them moving on to good homes.

Here are some new finds now for sale in Moss. 

This lovely dish could be polished but I tend to like this colour more.

These studio pottery pieces have been made by the same person and are really beautiful. I love the subtle colours of the glazing.

A couple of small pewter drinks measures.

Small cream pot great for storage of pencils or perhaps small kitchen utensils.

Friday, 6 July 2012


Although my shop is in Bridge of Allan, I live in Glasgow on the southside of the city. The commute isn't too bad and I can pop in to the flower market in the morning and select the flowers for sale that day. It does however mean I have to get up pretty early.

I have always loved old stuff and am a bit of a horder. I have boxes full of newspaper and magazine cuttings, postcards and sketchbooks. Even when I go through them often years later I can still see what attracted me to them and they have to stay. They all help to inspire me.

Here are some images from my home.

I love white ceramics and can never resist buying them at car boot sales, charity shops or auctions. I sometimes use items from my own collection in the weddings I work on. 

These curtains belonged to my grandparents and were hung in the summer months in their house in Maud, Aberdeenshire. I'm not sure how old that makes them but I really like the colour and pattern.

They put up dark red velvet curtains in the winter and I used these in my flat when I was a student. They certainly helped to keep out the cold.
What a wonderful idea it is to have summer and winter curtains. You would never get tired of them.

I live with decorative cornicing both in the shop and at home. In the shop it is far more elaborate even though it's in a smaller space. I do love it although it is very tricky to paint.

I've collected quite a lot of paintings since I was a student. This painting is in the bathroom and was bought very cheaply.

I have treasured pieces of work my great aunt created when she was at Gray's School of Art in the 1920s. In the 1990s I went to the same art school and swapped pieces of work with some of my fellow students. I have bought at auction, second hand shops and degree shows since then. A few also travelled down on the train with me when I moved to London for work after I graduated.

It wouldn't be home without them.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Favourite flower books

I have collected old flower books for years. Through the shop I have sold many of them but here are a few I keep on my book shelves.

Flowers Shown To The Children
This first one is part of a series and there are a couple of the bird volumes in the shop.

The illustrations are beautiful but in my copy there are a few carefully pressed examples of the flowers tucked into the pages. I love this connection to the previous owner of the book.

Flower-Growing For Shows
This book I love purely for the cover. Anyone who has been involved in country flower shows will understand how perfect this image is.

A Book Of Common Flowers
Again the cover of this book is lovely.

and the illustrations inside.

A Book Of Wild Flowers
This is a wonderful book which my mum bought for me many years ago. 

A few of pages inside.

How To Draw Flowers

Finally for this blog the beautiful Tulipomania with the wonderful title.

Here is the book plate. I should add I bought it from a shop!